Eat This Now: All the Gelato at Bacio Di Latte


Too many flavors to choose from. Photo by Haley Chi-Sing.

As the weather gets warmer and the sun (finally) begins to shine, we’re looking for ways to cool off and what better way than gelato at Bacio Di Latte? 

A one-of-a-kind gelato experience, Bacio Di Latte has opened a new location in Fashion Island. A Brazil import with a growing presence in California, has fit right into its location, amiably serving scoops of delightful treats. Edoardo and Luigi Tonolli, brothers/founders of Bacio Di Latte, wanted to bring Italian gelato to where they saw a lack of gelato shops. With this in mind, the brothers created a gelato shop that aims to offer the most genuine Italian gelato ice cream, made with the best ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

All the flavors are created in Brazil where the Tonolli brothers work with a team of chefs to create and combine different tastes and ingredients that pay homage to their hometown in Milan, Italy. Every flavor is carefully prepared and made fresh every day

Bacio Di Latte introduces 2-3 new flavors each month, maintaining their unique and diverse gelato menu. For the month of June, they’re featuring 3 distinct flavor combinations exclusive to the gelato chain: IL Casório (a combination of Cocada and Dulce de Leche), Trem Bão (a combination of Paçoca, peanut syrup, and roasted peanuts), and Amor(a combination of milk, milk cream, and apple jam). 

Their most popular flavors include a chocolate and hazelnut concoction, pistachio, dark chocolate, and a unique Bacio Di Latte gelato flavor – a creamy, extremely strong and distinct coffee ice cream that packs quite the punch in a small scoop. 

Gram-worthy. Photo by Haley Chi-Sing.

Bacio Di Latte has set its best foot forward in its two newest U.S. locations. Already adored by the community, Bacio Di Latte is destined to continue its exponential growth with its star team of chefs and unique familial attitude towards its distinctive business. 

Drop by Bacio Di Latte sometime soon; go ahead and get a scoop of every flavor because you’re sure to love them all. 

Bacio Di Latte, 133 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, (949) 520-7538.

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