Eat Here, Not There: Battered Potatoes

Ever eaten at Shakey's? Did you get the Mojo Potatoes?

Don't lie. We know you did. Everyone does, even though people are mostly drawn to Shakey's for the artisanal, hand-tossed pizza. (That was sarcasm.)

If you've never had Mojo Potatoes, they're basically battered, deep-fried potato rounds. They're served with ranch dressing, and they really are the only reason to go to Shakey's.

That's why I was happy to discover the fried potatoes at Pizza Boy in Anaheim. They're not quite the same as Mojo Potatoes–they remind me more of the Australian battered potatoes from the Orange County Fair, mostly due to the wedge shape–but they're still very good, and the pizza at Pizza Boy is far better than at Shakey's.

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