Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Bubba2 Cloud Puffs: Our Toke Of The Week!

Easy, breezy, beautiful cloud puffs (Courtesy of Orchid Essentials)

They say vaping is better for your health than smoking from pipes and joints, but that’s not always the truth. Sometimes, inhaling plant matter into your lungs is healthier than the mysterious (and toxic) byproducts oil makes after heating it past its smoke point. So, vape oil is one of those things you don’t want to skimp on.

As someone who prefers both eating and inhaling plants, it’s hard for me to enjoy vaping. Usually, vape oil doesn’t get you as high as smoking the actual flower; it tastes like, uh, mysterious chemicals. And most vape hardware doesn’t yield an easy puffing experience. It sometimes feels as if you’re trying to get a smoothie through a straw that has the circumference of a bread crumb. It’s the worst. Getting high isn’t worth it at that point.

When I was recently handed an Orchid Essentials vape pen, I expected a similar experience. But the exact opposite happened. I took one puff of the Bubba Kush oil, and not only did it smoke as though I were sipping a smoothie from a boba straw, but it also had hints of bubble gum and flowery flavors. Fifteen minutes after taking two hits, I was baked like a cupcake—so much so my friend asked me what time it was, and I responded, “Wednesday.”

The high was unexpectedly heavy. My eyes were red; I was hungry… and ready to curl up on the floor in the back corner of the restaurant I was eating at with my friend. The high is ideal for nighttime activities that don’t involve getting off the couch—that is, unless it’s for ice cream.


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