Ease Your Muscles With CBD Living Freeze: Our Toke Of The Week!

Roll on, roll off. (Courtesy of CBD Living)

I played soccer for 20 years, and one of my go-to products to help with post-match soreness was Icy Hot. In hindsight, it’s blurry as to whether it actually worked or I just enjoyed the tingling sensation and pungent wintergreen aroma. But once I learned about the chemicals and preservatives added to most products—and the potential effects they have on long-term health—Icy Hot was one of the first items I retired indefinitely. And I haven’t missed it.

Well, maybe I have. Last weekend I did an intense yoga session, which ravaged my hamstrings. It was painful to stretch. It hurt to sit down. My legs trembled when I tried to stand up. It was embarrassing. But at least it wasn’t the humiliating kind. Rather, it was the kind of embarrassing that acts as an incentive to be better. Motivation aside, the soreness was so intense I couldn’t stop thinking of potential solutions to ease the discomfort. Thankfully, I had a bottle of CBD Living Freeze in my stash of goodies, which I instantly put to test. With 120 mg of full spectrum nano hemp-CBD, wintergreen extract, aloe vera extract, Arnica Montana, maté leaf extract, vitamin E and tea tree oil I figured there was no better Icy Hot alternative—at least in my possession anyway.

I unscrewed the top and applied the liquid to my hamstrings via the roll-on applicator. I was skeptical about its effectiveness, but within 40 minutes, my soreness dropped from a level 10 to a level 5. I was able to walk and move around without my muscles atrophying. I continued to apply every hour, which kept my hamstrings warm, tingly and loosened. The next day my stiff, sore hamstrings were almost back to normal. CBD Living Freeze is my new remedy for workout related soreness.

Available at the Joint: 1325 East St Andrew Place Santa Ana, CA 92705. $35.


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