Earth Invaders

You wouldn't throw trash at your own mother, would you? Or stub cigarettes out on her? Mother Earth needs our help. Pollution is taking its toll on this dear old lady, and the youth who inhabit her need to learn just how vital it is to protect her so that she'll continue to be as hospitable as possible for many millennia to come. In an effort to educate the young'uns, Barnes N Noble will host a storytelling session in honor of Earth Day. Two featured titles, A Clean Sky: The Global Warming Story by Robyn C. Friend and Judith Love (pseudonyms? Nooo . . .) and A Clean Sea: The Rachel Carson Story by Carol Schlank and Barbara Metzger, both explain the long, challenging road ahead of us (no thanks to global warming) and-most important-give us solutions as to what we can do to meet the challenge and halt the crisis.
Sat., April 12, 1 p.m., 2008

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