Duane Peters Gunfight

Known widely as “The Master of Disaster,” it's been way too long since we've discussed Duane Peters in this infernal rag in a bit of news that didn't involve some kind of run-in with the law. But Peters has actually been busy with music, keeping up with his latest effort the Duane Peters Gunfight. Here, guitar riffs hit you like swift left hooks and reverberate with the spirit of punk rock n' roll, with a bit of socio-political commentary in the mix. Peters retains so much captivating energy when he performs onstage, and some might say he's a figure rooted in a part of OC's old school punk fabric not really seen or exhibited in today's young groups. You can check him and his band of musical miscreants tonight at Alex's Bar and marvel at how time has hardly affected Peters' ability to rock.

Sun., July 19, 2 p.m., 2015

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