Duane Peters Gets Released, Lost and Found

Pleas for information on the whereabouts of Duane Peters circulated around social media on Valentine's Day after the punk and skateboarding icon was released on $50,000 bail early Thursday morning.

Peters was incarcerated at Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles after being arrested on felony domestic violence charges at the home he and his girlfriend reportedly shared in Long Beach around midnight Feb. 8.

His ex, Corey Parks, took to social media Friday night imploring the public for information on her former lover and father of her son's location. A screenshot of her Instagram post follows:

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A man who identified himself as Peters' nephew also reached out to the Weekly with the following email:

Hi I'm Duane Peters nephew.Duane was bailed out Thursday morning and was released in a paper robe. Has since been missing our family has failed a missing persons report. We were hoping you could get the word out that his family is looking for him. Thank You.

Parks followed up after her initial Instagram post with this one, announcing that Duane was found, but she couldn't go into detail at this time:

It is unclear at this time what happened to Duane in the days after his release from jail, but the Weekly will update you with any new information.

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