DTSA’s 1st Annual DAQ-OFF, Our Drink(s) of the Week!

It is often said that when a French chef is looking to hire cooks, they have them prepare a classic omelet during an interview. On paper this may sound like an easy task, but there are technical things at play to achieve perfection.  When getting to know a new bar, I often apply the classic daiquiri approach to see if they can nail the basics. Can they nail it? 

Daqing off so hard at El Mercado

Is the bar: Using fresh lime? Too much lime, it’s a sour bomb. The right ice? Good rum and a good balance of ingredients? Too much sugar, it’s like melted sherbet. Too much booze? Well, I hope there’s enough ice to dilute it over time. Lastly, is it Instagram-worthy and is the service good? Bad service, check, please!

This week (June 18-24), downtown Santa Ana’s craft cocktail bars are participating in the first annual DTSA DAQ-OFF, complete with a bingo-like punchcard and a bar-arcade finishing event on Sunday at Mission Control. Who has the best daiquiri in DTSA? I guess we’ll find out! 

Here’s what to do: Grab a daiquiri and a DAQ-OFF card at the following locations – Chapter One: The Modern Local, Irenia, El Mercado, The Playground, Vacation Bar, Fleenors on 4th, Lola Gaspar and Mix Mix. And once you’ve completed your punch card, join the big finale at Mission Control on June 24th at 6. If your card is full, not only will you win a cool pin and have tasted some great daq’s, you’ll be able to vote on your favorite!

Head over to DTSADAQOff.com for more details as well as their Facebook Page. 

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