Dripp Coffee Coming to Fullerton

Dripp Coffee, a popular coffee and dessert shop from Chino Hills, is opening in Fullerton—its first location in Orange County. So far, the shop’s logo has been placed on the Firestone Building at the corner of Chapman Avenue and Harbor Boulevard and, according to the management in Chino Hills, new staff members are being trained. No official grand opening date has been set.

Partnered with roasting company Espresso Republic, Dripp carries beans from Kenya, Rwanda, Peru, and Indonesia among other countries and boasts only roasting in small batches. Coffees range from pour-overs made with beans like the almond-tinted Midnight Decaf Roast from Brazil to special lattes (shout-out to the “brulala,” the crème brulee latte). For dessert, try Dripp’s ice cream sandwiches and affogato. Though not as popular as their drinks and desserts, sandwiches are also on the menu.

Dripp Coffee’s new location will be at 500 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite B, Fullerton. To learn more, visit dripp.com.

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