Drink Baja Brewing Co. Cabotella for a Great Cinco de Mayo Beer

Ten years ago, Jordan Gardenhire was kicking back in Cabo San Lucas, surfing and enjoying the lifestyle of a beach bum when he decided he wanted to stay and live there permanently. So along with his father, the Denver, Colorado native opened Baja Brewing Co., becoming a pioneer in the craft beer world of Baja California. 

The craft beer scene is exploding in Baja, and Baja Brewing Co. just recently collaborated with Karl Strauss Brewery on a beer they’re calling Dos Californias. An IPA with agave and just a hint of habanero, it’s getting released tomorrow—but only in the San Diego area for now. But lucky for us in Orange County, we can enjoy two of their beers: their flagship Cabotella and their IPA, known in Baja as Peyote Pale Ale. 

The Cabotella is a blond ale 5.5 ABV like most Mexican lagers but Jordan and his team have tinkered with their recipe, adding more malt and giving the beer more flavor: earthy, but light enough to drink while you enjoy a ballgame or sunset. You can find Cabotella at Anepalco in Orange, Stadium Brewery, Las Brisas and Red O. And with these Mexican craft beers you don’t need a pinche lime!!

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