Eat This Now: Cookies & Dream at Drill’d Ice Cream

Put it in your mouth! (Photo by Taylor Hamby)

There’s the old quip that “sex is like pizza; even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good.” And the same can be said for ice cream. Whether you’re down for a little somethin’ quick and easy at the corner Thrifty’s or down for a three way between you and Ben and Jerry, ice cream is pretty much exciting.

Every year or so a new ice cream parlor pops up to pimp out ice cream in novel new ways. Much like sex itself in this day and age, you can get the good stuff in a variety of ways, in every color of the rainbow, at all hours of the night. There’s the white stuff on Nitro, rolled ice cream and cream stuffed (dough)nuts and tacos. 

Sit on it (Photo by Taylor Hamby)

One such novel new ice cream shop is Drill’d in Fountain Valley. They serve up the sweet stuff by allowing you to fully customize what you’re about to put into your mouth. Pick a base flavor (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or espresso), then a mix in (the selection of which is mostly a variety of breakfast cereals or Oreos) then top it off and drizzle it with something sticky sweet (like a little caramel or honey). 

Their-tongue in cheeks name is a double entendre for their own unique way of whipping up sweet, cream-centric treats. Each ingredient is put into a mixing machine, and then a lever is pulled activating a rotating piece of machinery that looks like you’re digging for Texas Tea more so than making desert.

Drill baby drill (Photo by Taylor Hamby)

Or, you can let Drill’d do it all for you and order one of their specialty cones, with sassy names like “Hot As Hell” and “Give Me Smore”. We went for the ebony and ivory delight; the Cookies & Dream. A behemoth towering desert in a cone (Pro tip: check in on Yelp for a “Unicone” upgrade which adds a rainbow swirl to your cone) topped with enough cookies to rival Cookie Monster on a bender. Top it off with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. You know it’s gonna get messy when the server offers you a cup when she hands it over, “just in case.” Just how we like it–SLOPPY! 

Drill’d Ice Cream, 18279 Brookhurst St #2, Fountain Valley;

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