DREAM Act Voted Down, Though Not Because Lack of Effort by OC Dreamers

While the Know Nothings of both the ethnic and sexual types gloat over today's death of a defense bill in the Senate that included provisions to repeal the military's “don't ask, don't tell” ban of LGBT service members and to pass the DREAM Act, OC's local Dreamers burnt the midnight oil to get the measure public and political support.

On the national front, OC residents Matias Ramos (my former intern) and Flavia de la Fuente (who gave a killer commencement speech this year at UCLA, where she advocated for passage of the DREAM Act) were quoted in the national media, all while furiously working Twitter and Facebook urging people to contact their senators. Locally, members of the Orange County Dream Team showed up at a press conference held yesterday, that got aired on all the local television stations.

And the artwork at right?

Done by another former intern of mine: Julio Salgado, a Long Beach resident and proud 49er. Go Dreamers!

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