Dr. Ronald Keith McGee’s License Put on Probation Due to Fraud Case

Doctor’s License Put on 8 Years Probation for Masturbating at Cal State Fullerton
The bad doctor is in. Illustration by Matt Coker

We’ve reported here on the medical licenses of three San Clemente physicians being placed on probation by the state over court convictions tied to insurance fraud. Earlier this month, a fourth doctor who belonged to the same practice had his license placed on probation as well.

On May 11, the license of Dr. Ronald Keith McGee was put on five years probation, according to the Medical Board of California.

Click here to read the order,  which includes a reference to McGee’s Sept. 1, 2015, conviction in Orange County Superior Court as part of a plea agreement that had the family medicine practitioner copping to aiding and abetting as well as stating, “[B]etween Jan. 1, 2004, and Dec. 31, 2009, I willfully and unlawfully conspired with Dr. Eva Gentile, Dr. John Gentile and Dr. David Zachary to aid and abet Amirshahin Mandegari in the unlawful practice of medicine.”

The four doctors were part owners of South County Urgent Care, and McGee, Zachary and John Gentile were officers there. Eva Gentile, who had previously worked with Mandegari at another location, brought him into the fold at South County Urgent Care, where he operated an “acne clinic.” 

This is where the fraud came in: “The clinic improperly billed for medical services that an aesthetician, Amirshahin Mandegari, provided.”

Dr. McGee

Zachary and Eva Gentile previously had their licenses to practice medicine placed on seven years probation by the medical board, while John Gentile’s license received the same discipline as McGee’s: five years probation.

Under the terms of probation, McGee must provide 50 hours of free medical services, complete an ethics course, have his office billing monitored by the board, notify any hospitals or facilities where he has privileges of his probation status, submit quarterly progress reports to the board and obey all laws. He is also prohibited from hiring, working with or association with aestheticians.

Failure to comply with all of those conditions could lead to license revocation proceedings. But that should not be a problem: State documents show that McGee has so far compiled with the terms of the probation he received from the criminal court, paid restitution to five insurance companies, completed 80 hours of community service and paid fines and penalties. That probation is set to end in August.

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