Dr. Phil: “Explosive” Interview Today On Grisly Costa Mesa-Tied Murders

On today's Dr. Phil show, a 25-year-old Orange County actress accused of being an accessory to a sensational 2010 double murder defends her innocence.

But pre-episode publicity hints that the interview with the veteran TV therapist may not have gone too well.

In promotional material, a hostile Dr. Phil confronts Rachel Mae Buffett about her role in the murders of Samuel Herr, 26, and Julie Kibuishi, 23.

Costa Mesa police detectives and Orange County prosecutors have charged Buffett with accessory charges for aiding actor Daniel Wozniak who is believed to have killed Herr at the Joint Forces Training Center at Los Alamitos and then Kibuishi in Herr's Costa Mesa apartment.

Wozniak, who has pleaded not guilty and was set to marry Buffet at the time of the crimes, remains in custody inside the Orange County Jail and is awaiting trial.

Also appearing on the show are Stephen Herr, the victim's grieving father, and District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, although acclaimed homicide prosecutor Matt Murphy is handling trial duties.

The show teases: “Is Rachel a victim or did she help cover up a crime?”

Go HERE to see Matt Coker's original coverage of the crime and HERE to read my review of Wozniak's bizarre, 2011 featured appearance on MSNBC's Lockup.

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