Dr. Raad Jeiroudi’s “Unprofessional Conduct” Puts His License on Probation

A Fountain Valley anesthesiologist’s medical license was placed on probation for three years because he failed to follow through with conditions of previous discipline, according to state officials.

Under the Medical Board of California order that went into effect Friday, Dr. Raad Jeiroudi must: obey all laws;
refrain from supervising physician assistants; complete ethics, education and clinical training courses; notify hospitals and other facilities where he has privileges of his probationary status; and have his practice monitored by one or more licensed physicians or surgeons who will send regular progress reports to the board.

Failure to comply with the conditions of probation could lead to license revocation proceedings.

The board took the action because Jeiroudi failed to complete the Physician Assessment and Clinical Education (PACE) Program at UC San Diego, as he was required to do after receiving an April 18, 2012, letter of reprimand from the medical board due to allegations of the doctor’s “incompetence and failure to maintain adequate records.”

The medical board had been told by the PACE staff that Jeiroudi “performed poorly” during the first phase of PACE, recommending “he undergo a rigorous course of self-study” before completing Phase II.

To date, the board states, it has never received proof that the self-study or Phase II were completed by Jeiroudi, something the state agency found to be “unprofessional conduct.”

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  1. Just had an interaction today with this Provider and he was still very unprofessional, he runs European Surgery center in Fountain Valley and his first question to me was if I had kids and if I was married. Based off my years of experience in the medical field, these are questions employers aren’t supposed to be asking, their focus needs to be on my experiences in the field not judging me off these factors.

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