Dr. Gregory John Van Dyke Ends State Case by Surrendering Medical License

The bad doctor is “in.” Matt Coker illustration

A Dana Point internal medicine specialist—who the state in January accused of poor record keeping, over prescribing medications without documenting valid needs and improper treatment of a patient with extremely high blood pressure—surrendered his license to practice medicine in California.

Dr. Gregory John Van Dyke’s surrender became effective at 5 p.m. on March 22, according to the Medical Board of California.

Click here to read the state order.

Meanwhile, you can click here to read our coverage of the case in January.

An order signed by Van Dyke and his attorney acknowledges the state’s accusations were true. The doctor mistreated a male patient with extremely elevated blood pressure, a female with an anxiety disorder and a man who over-prescribed strong, addictive medications.

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