Dr. Freecloud's

Top 10 records sold from July 22 to July 28 at Dr. Freecloud's, 18960 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley, (714) 962-9787; www.drfreeclouds.com. Dr. Freecloud's has specialized in electronic dance music for more than 10 years and recently moved to this bigger location.

1Various artists, TeenSuicide12-inch (Teen Suicide Records)

2D.D.R. and the Geezer, MadCowsonAcid12-inch (Smitten Is Dead)

3Drop the Lime, StepItUp12-inch (Mirex)

4Chris Liberator N the Geezer vs. DDR N Indica, RockettoHackneyEP12-inch (Wahwah)

5Z-Trip, ShiftingGearsLP (Hollywood)

6Moleculez, ChildrenoftheCortex12-inch (Strike)

7Roni Size, Sing12-inch (V Recordings)

8The Chemical Brothers, ChemistryLessonLP (2 Many DJs)

9Mark Farina, Cali-Spaces12-inch (OM Records)

10Armin van Buuren, Shivers12-inch (Ultra)

STAFFPICK:Various artists, RevivetheSoul(Revive the Soul): “The reason why we love this CD so much is because of the eclectic track selection. This double CD covers various styles of relaxing and soothing beats, including the genres of downtempo, lounge, nu jazz, and blip-pop. Great driving music for long road trips and also good for just relaxing and kicking back. Pop it in after a night of clubbing or all-night partying. It's the perfect way to wind down your night.” (RonD.Core,owner)

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