Dr. Dinh Truong Nguyen Ordered to Get Substance Abuse Help

Suspension of the medical license of a Garden Grove physician with substance abuse issues has been stayed but restrictions have been placed on his practice.

Dr. Dinh Truong Nguyen, who practices family medicine from a Westminster Avenue office, is subject to a Medical Board of California order that became effective Monday.

Public documents filed by the board do not disclose the nature of any alleged substance abuse, nor are any specific incidents cited, but the restrictions do indicate that is what spurred the proposed suspension of Nguyen’s license to practice medicine.

According to an administrative law judge’s interim order,¬†Nguyen’s license suspension will be stayed as long as he: submits to random drug testing; attends approved group counseling during the length of his probation; hires an independent worksite monitor to observe him on the job; and abstainbs from alcohol.

Nguyen will have to immediately cease practicing medicine if he tests positive for drugs, the judge ordered.

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