Down Goes Fisher! Octomom Nadya Suleman Defeats Long Island Lolita

With the Hollywood crowd on her side, the “Literally Broke” Lefty out of La Habra, Octomom Nadya Suleman, defeated “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher in three Celebrity Boxing rounds last night.

In other Octomerde, it was reported over the same weekend that the unemployed single mother of 14 is accusing Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate of “prejudice” for refusing to list her home because of who she is.

Suleman claims a friend who worked at the Santa Ana agency quit over her employer's refusal to work with her, TMZ reports.

“I was appalled to say the least,” Natalie reportedly said. “It is a
blatant form of prejudice and I was disgusted that they refused to take my house and list it.”

contrast, in her oversized gloves, she received nothing but love from those surrounding the club Avalon ring, learning a
valuable lesson in the process: It will take shooting a married lady in
the face for Octomom to be despised more than she already is.

Her headlights
were visible through her tight black vest (to match her tight black
leggings), but Fisher's cropped red top with a sequined American flag (to
match her sequined red, white and blue short-shorts) was even more
unnecessarily revealing. Dozens in your finest trailer parks no doubt appreciated the attire of
each [insert long clearing throat sound here] “celebrity.”

Feast your eyes, fight fans:

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