Dough Exchange's Research and Development Free Bread Ends TOMORROW

Despite what you may have seen in some video earlier this week, Dough Exchange's research and development period will end THIS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14. That means no more free pastries, so if you're a horribly cheap date, you know what to do. The bakery will be closed February 15 as it's moved across the street into the Fourth Street Market. Starting the 16th, you'll be able to buy their breads and pastries (and some other goodies, I'm sure), over there.


2/14 is the last day of our free promotion r&d. Come and get baked goods while you can. Open 730am-530pm @doughexchange

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So, if you haven't tried Dough Exchange yet, and you're not completely sure you want to pay for it, get your butt over there sometime today or tomorrow. And after you realize it's worth paying for, throw the starving bakers some cash. They deserve something extra after these past few weeks.

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