Doug Korthof, Al Gore and global warming

This just fell from the virtual sky courtesy of your favorite Seal Beach activist, Doug Korthof:


We all know that Al Gore was swindled in the first of the neo-con “managed elections” of 2000, and that the theft of elections continues to this day via:

–Voting Machines fixed, altered or fraudulent,

–Local voting personnel suborned,

–Felon list “disqualifications” of Black and Democrat voters via Bush “data companies”,

–Voting day dirty trix such as lack of poll-workers in certain areas and times, barricades and police lines, lack of ballots, arcane voting materials, polling-place closures and other nasty surprises,

–Active sabotage by Bush mole-operatives inside Gore's campaigng via Bush-paid phony “consultants”,

–Phony “wedge issues” to get out the beer-belly vote, etc.,

The same methods will, no doubt, be used to steal the next few elections.

More dangerously, newpapers, television news, and mass media have been seized and “consolidated” by the Bush propaganda machine so effectively that they convinced people that the Electric car failed, that Saddam had something to do with 9-11, that global warming is a myth, and a lot of other “Big Lies”.

Lies so big, you can't imagine anyone would have the gall to say these things with a straight face.

We also know that Al Gore was hornswoggled into not objecting to the theft, and now, he's angry at his own foolish submission. Gore maybe is almost as angry as we might be from the evil machinery of the Bush fascism descending on a free people. After all, we bear the brunt, not him.

It's easy to blame the inept Al Gore, but maybe he learned a lesson. It's unlikely that there will ever be a lot of enthusiasm for a Gore presidential run, he's as clueless as John Kerry, and just as easily manipulated by the well-organized Bush dirty-trixters — the same folks who brought you the McCarthy hysteria, the Vietnam undeclared war, and the Nixon revolution. Some say the history of the U.S. Presidency, since Eisenhower, is really the struggle of opposing factions of the CIA, with the operations (“wet”) branch winning a final victory after Clinton, when Gore was trounced. Now, the Bush faction is ascendant, their enemies dismantled, and the once-free American people put up with official torture, star chamber, elevation of the executive above the law, looting of the treasury, aggressive wars of conquest and pillage, and the destruction of the few environmental protections won over the last few decades.

More perplexing is people's bland acceptance of the “war on language”, where the “Patriot Act” is, really, a law that quintessential patriot Patrick Henry would die to oppose, where the “clear skies” are really a license to pollute the air, where there is an amazingly ill-defined “war on terror”, a never-ending snipe hunt no one can explain, deprivation of human rights, interminable imprisonment without trial, sanctioned abuse and torture reminiscent of Bush's frat career in DKE, and so on, and on, and on. Bush minions declare, in unguarded moments, that “we're an empire now”, and think it's OK to subvert foreign governments in ways that would outrage them if the situation were reversed. Not surprisingly, the rest of the world is alarmed, and baffled about how to restrain the Bush Berserker.

So poor Al Gore has a lot of baggage to atone for, and a lot of explaining about his 2000 failure. Was he deceived, paid off, or scared off?

But Gore's sin, if sin it be, is not understanding the desperation, immorality and the extent to which Bush would stoop to clever, pernicious and underhanded “dirty tricks” to sabotage him. Now, poor Al has a new campaign, wakening people to the danger of global warming, and reminding us of those halycon days “BB” — Before the Bush insanity.

There is Gore's documentary movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”. While the bad guys have seized the mainstream news and the government, other views are allowed in movies, books and in comics. They allow us the book market and the internet, where our opinions are circumscribed and hidden from the mainstream. Preaching to the choir does not expand the congregation. Books detailing many of Bush's lies have proven to be a muted drum, inaudible and harmless.

Please join the Al Gore mailing list. It's a lot better than the bland b.s. that comes from the Democrat National Committee, which some call “Republican-Light” and others call the “Loserman Lobby”.

Sign up on here for the mailing list, and you can also register for his on-line forum.

At least poor Al brings up one valid and inconvenient issue, unlike the worthless DNC, which is still struggling in the intellectual sandbox into which it cast its own future.


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