Doug Gottlieb, OC Boy and Basketball Analyst, Under Fire for Joking He Brings “White Man's Perspective” to CBS Sweet 16 Coverage

Man, I still remember as a wabby high-schooler reading about the accomplishments of Tustin High basketball star Doug Gottlieb during the 1990s. And, sure: while having a pretty good career at Oklahoma State didn't translate into NBA stardom, Gottlieb has nevertheless made a name for himself as a pretty sharp basketball analyst.

But that's not what the sports world is talking about this morning, after a train wreck of a joke Gottlieb opened with yesterday during CBS's coverage of the NCAA Sweet 16 tournament. Gottlieb's sin? As the sole gabacho at the desk, surrounded by black men, Gottlieb announced he was bringing the “white man's perspective” to the discussion.
Roll the tape!

The only problem I have with Gottlieb's quip is that he ain't white–he's Jewish, which will make the resultant defending of Gottlieb by white supremacists VERY interesting…and HILARIOUS!

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