Double-Decker British School Bus Gets Repurposed As A Mobile Kitchen And Event Venue

You've heard of food trucks, but how about a food double-decker bus? The latter is what The Monarch is. Per the website, it was originally a British double-decker school bus that's been transformed into a mobile kitchen and social event venue available for weddings and such.


We got a tip from a friend of a friend that the vision of Monarch Social is “essentially to have guest chefs doing pop-up dinners and private events.”

And what's more, they're doing a soft 'welcome to the world' launch at 7 p.m. down at the corner of 6th and PCH in Huntington Beach this Saturday evening. If you want to see what's up, check them out there, or look at their website: because Harry Potter and Austin Powers can't be the only people to have fun in a double-decker bus.

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