Double Barrels

Greg Ginn is the Halley's Comet of guitarists. He lies dormant for years, makes a splash, then returns to wherever he came from. The last time fans witnessed Ginn's six-string mastery was 2003, when he played all over Southern California to improve his chops for three Black Flag reunion shows that benefited cat rescues. But once those highly anticipated gigs were over, Ginn fell off the radar. Until now. The guitarist has issued six new records since November, and he has been on a national tour with two of his latest groups, the Western-swing act Greg Ginn and the Taylor Texas Corrugators and JAMBANG, a jam band that incorporates a video presentation into live performances. Both are instrumental and showcase a less spastic (in a good way) sound full of solid grooves and melodic textures. Seeing him now is a two-for-one. You can't beat that.
Mon., July 14, 9 p.m., 2008

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