Double Actuator from Bottle Logic Brewing, Our Beer of the Week!

Bottle Logic Brewing opened its tasting room in February of 2014 with high anticipation for their take on fresh-brewed beer. Owners Wes Parker, Steve Napolitona and Brandon Buckner have set the craft beer bar high ever since, winning awards at the Great American Beer Festival and, most recently, in Philadelphia at the World Beer Cup, taking home two Silver Medals for their Cobaltic Porter and Darkstar November, a Barrel-Aged stout. 

In a city that prides itself on a beer-welcoming ethos, Bottle Logic nevertheless stands out for its eternal party. Food trucks are scheduled every day of the week, and Monday is Trivia Night, attracting nerds and barstool Einsteins a lot. Speaking of nerds, the following could be a trivia question: why is Common Knowledge (5.5% ABV) called a California Common when it’s more technically a “steam beer”? Because Anchor Brewing trademarked that description)—BOOM. Naming controversy aside, the Common Knowledge is very, very fresh: Not hoppy but has plenty of flavor, and malty with slight fruit taste. 

Galactic Grapefruit American IPA is one of the best in this style I’ve had: Full grapefruit taste in every sip, with no bitter aftertaste and a great freshness that goes down very smooth. But it’s the Double Actuator DIPA (9% ABV) that gets a picture this week. Plenty of hops , plenty of malt, with mild fruit notes, it’s smooth AF! DO NOT fear the Double IPA! You’ll enjoy the complexity without any bitterness. 

Trivia: what Anaheim elementary school our Mexican-in-Chief attend that’s near Bottle Logic? Should be a question next Monday…HA! In the meanwhile, enjoy!

Bottle Logic Brewing, 1072 N. Armando St., Anaheim, (714) 660-2537;

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