Dosa Place in Tustin Closes; Moves To Its Original Location In…Tustin

There was once only one Dosa Place in Tustin, the one on Redhill. Then there were two, when the 17th Street restaurant opened in 2010. Then, somewhere along the way, the Dosa Place on Redhill became Dosa Express. And so, there was technically only one Dosa Place in Tustin, the one on 17th Street.


Then Dosa Express became Dosa Place again. But now, the 17th Street Dosa Place–which, by the way, was formerly a Tony Roma's and also Sevens Steakhouse–has shuttered and everyone involved with it has moved back to the Redhill location.

So we're back to just one Dosa Place.

When a friend who's a regular asked why, he was told it was because the 17th Street location's landlords were raising the rent.

Throughout this entire dizzying series of events, only one thing is clear: they're still cooking this distinctive foodstuff in 20 different varieties, some as long as 6 feet. That was not a typo. 6 feet long.

And of course, we also have Vishnu, which is not affiliated with Dosa Place, but was at the #1 spot on our Favorite Dish countdown this year. And yes, they also have dosas.

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