Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Bongwater

An incident from Ladera Ranch last week brings to mind the young Florida mom who was busted last year for posting a photo on Facebook of her baby appearing to smoke from a bong.

Only, in the latest case, the toddler actually did consume something.

No, not the pot in the bowl. The bongwater.


Around 6:46 p.m. on Aug. 24, the Orange County Sheriff's Department, which patrols Ladera Ranch, received a dispatch call from a mother who resides near Covenant Hills and Bell Pasture roads. She requested the aid of deputies and paramedics.

She had just seen her 16-month-old baby pick up a bottle and drink from it. But then, on closer inspection (or, perhaps, through the smoke haze), she discovered that was no bottle, that was a loaded bong.

So, yep, her precious had gulped bongwater.

The mother, who tossed the bong into the trash, later called back asking to cancel the paramedics, just send the deputies, the kid was apparently fine. Although one suspects the baby mobile put on a helluva show that night.

The rugrat's just lucky it wasn't a tequila bottle that was drained, worm and all.

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