Donald Trump's Token Mexican is Lupe Moreno, an Anti-Mexican Pendeja From Santa Ana

If you want to know the depths of desperation Donal Trump has reached in his presidential campaign, look no further than his choice of token Mexican he trotted out Friday during a Southern California appearance. During a press conference at the Beverly Wilshire, he wrapped his arm around one Lupe Moreno, which OC Weekly readers know full well as the token Mexican for the bona fide hate group, California Coalition for Immigration Reform (which seems to be defunct ever since head witch Barbara Coe died). Moreno, in her token-Mexican best, parroted every nod and word Trump did before telling the story of how her nephew died at the hands of an illegal immigrant. And who did Moreno blame for that tragedy? Not gangs, not criminality, not even the American justice system, but the MEDIA.

Yep: Moreno's true pendeja nature was on display for the national press to hear.


If you need a recap or intro to how batshit loca Moreno is, read my 2003 profile of the longtime SanTana resident, in which I summed up her official narrative as having the “lurid melodrama of a telenovela.” And then read the true insight into her psychological state of mind, a legendarily rambling 13,000-word magnum opus where she compared white Americans to Jews and Mexicans to Nazis (you'll have to be a Yahoo! member to read it–anyone still remember their Yahoo! password?).

Trump, of course, doesn't vet shit, but his choice of Moreno as his token is particularly laughable. Is there any wonder why all her gabacho friends still pronounce her name as “Loopy”?

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