Donald Trump to Hold May 25 Rally in Anaheim, OC’s Most Riot-Happy City

Today, the Donald Trump campaign announced that he’ll be returning to Orange County May 25 at noon at the Anaheim Convention Center. And with this move, we now know that Trump is actively wishing for chaos to happen.

See, Anaheim is by far one of the most riot-happy cities in Southern California, a place that has seen mass fights break out for everything from police brutality rallies to anti-immigrant protests to Yippies invading Disneyland to orange pickers to pinche Grand Funk Railroad (which, coincidentally, happened at the Anaheim Convention Center). My hometown is also the place where, earlier this year, councilwoman Kris Murray tried to get a resolution passed condemning Trump’s rhetoric only to get Trumpbros angry at her and anti-Trump folks not supporting her because it was her ham-fisted attempt to shame Mayor Tom Tait and kids getting pepper-sprayed after a Trumpbro pushed an anti-Trump activist. And before that, Anaheim received international attention when a group of Ku Klux Klan members tried to hold a rally at Pearson Park—site of a 30,000-strong KKK march that remains one of the largest such spectacles in American history—only to get their asses handed to them by a bunch of anarchists.

So of all the cities in OC to hold a rally, Trump comes to Anacrime? Don’t accuse us of instigating, gentle cabrones: we’re just reporting the facts. Trump may be pendejo, but he…well, he is pendejo, and he’s picking Anaheim for a reason. And it sure ain’t for his supposedly yuuuuge crowds: the Anaheim Arena section of the convention center only holds 7,500. Will Trump’s supporters claim 35,000 showed up afterwards, ala the Pacific Amphitheater

Anyhoo, the rally is scheduled from noon to 2 p.m. THIS COMING WEDNESDAY. If you actually want to be inside, you gotta RSVP, but we all know the fun is going to be outside, on Harbor Boulevard and Katella Avenue. Will a bunch of people dressed up as Disney characters block traffic, as has happened in the past? Will the Anaheim PD stand around and do nothing until it’s too late, ala the KKK rally? See you there!

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