Donald Trump Leadership Institute Lands in … Stanton!?!

Promising a HUGE pushback against Hillary Clinton in California, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign invited supporters Monday to Stanton for the “Trump Leadership Initiative (TLI) Fellowship Program.”

The invitation for training next Wednesday, July 13, came in an email sent to Trump supporters and seen by the likes of Politico, Mother Jones and The Huffington Post.

“TLI Fellows are the backbone of the Trump strategy to launch the largest, earliest, and most diverse ground operation in California history,” the email states. “Fellows will be trained and experienced in grassroots organizing, field operations, cutting-edge campaign technology, messaging & communications, and engaging in voter contact.”

But potential participants are directed to an Eventbrite page that links to Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI), a grass-roots effort mounted by national GOP Chairman Reince Priebus to make his party more diverse. Some have wondered if Trump is just slapping his brand on RLI, as he has done with hotels, steaks and cologne.

In other Orange County-related Trump nonsense, did you see that Andy Cohen said this about The Donald?

“He’s basically an ‘Orange County Housewife,’ at this point. He’s like a season one ‘Orange County Housewife.’ He hasn’t gotten his makeup right yet, he says anything, he’s very provocative, he’s shocking, he’s inappropriate.”

Cohen, the creator of The Real Housewives of Orange County and all the Bravo shows that he turned into a franchise, had been asked by CNN if he would like Melania Trump to join The Real Housewives of New York. The executive producer replied only if Donald Trump is not elected president and would join his wife on camera.

Those comment spurred the New York Post‘s Jaclyn Hendricks to create an online quiz titled, “Who said it: Donald Trump or a Real Housewife of Orange County?” Players are asked to choose which said things like: “No one’s life in perfect but mine is pretty close,” “Am I high maintenance? Of course I am; look at me” and “Why would you trust a girl that has bigger tits than her head?”

Click here to play along, and brag at the TLI about how well you did.

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