Dog Haus To Open In Santa Ana

About 4 years ago a great hot dog joint in Long Beach called The Dog House opened. They served all manner of sausages on great bread. Around the same time another joint called Dog Haus opened in Pasadena. The Dog House shuttered after less than two years, but Dog Haus prospered, expanding to two other outlets and now it's starting to franchise.


The first OC franchise is planned for Santa Ana at Westfield Mainplace. If you've not eaten at Dog Haus yet, expect hot dogs and sausages topped with sautéed onions and the usual accoutrements. Pictured is the “One Night in Bangkok”, which consists of a spicy Thai red currywurst, cucumber kimchi relish, cilantro aioli and salty peanuts. Burgers are also on the menu, with Hawaiian roll buns and housemade fries on the side.

The OC Dog Haus is looking for a summer opening. More details here as it comes.

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