Does Rainn Wilson Really Hate Hipster Foodies?

A lot's been said about foodie culture over the past few years, much of it negative. It's gotten to the point where hipster hate (which has been thrown around so much that the definition of the word 'hipster' has become basically 'person') and foodie hate has made late night cable television.

Example: when Rainn Wilson made an appearance on Conan earlier this week, he made went on a little baby tirade on how much foodies suck. Check it out of the jump.


But really though, I think the lady doth protest too much. Who doesn't enjoy good food? And hating on something because it's too popular? But I digress.

How can you live in New York and now be a little bit of a foodie. There's so much good food, from bao to Caribbean to delis. You can go hip, you can go classic, but there's no reason not to go eat.

Just admit it Rainn, you would totally eat squid pastrami.

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