Does Mexico Offer Illegal Immigrants Free Welfare?

DEAR MEXICAN: Why is it that Mexican immigrants such as my parents—who have done well enough in this country to provide a home (a house in white Orange County that was paid off in 10 years), an education, food, clothes and toys for their children (namely, myself and my brother)—can complain about El Hombre Gringo and his stupid immigration laws, but when they go down to Tijuana or to visit family in La Barca and Zacatecas, they complain about the prices of things (the blankets, the jewelry, the food), about how it's “tan caro“? Call me a commie, but goddamn, these people are making shit profit on their wares. Shouldn't more affluent people such as my parents be happy to spread their money around and help out their fellow countrymen and -women?

Why do my parents complain about how El Hombre Gringo treats us like shit, even though we work hard at the jobs even they wouldn't do, but when they see one of “our people” selling roses on the freeway off-ramps, they ignore him/her and never even think about buying them from him? At least he's not just standing there with a cardboard sign that says, “Will wurk fur food”—so why make a big stink when I want a damn blanket at the border crossing (one of those fabulous warm, fuzzy ones) that costs $32 there, but would most certainly cost more than twice that here, even in Westminster? ¿Qué mendiga mierda es eso?

I don't exactly consider myself Mexican. Call me a traitor if you will, but since I was born in the U.S., raised around nothing but whites and went to school with a majority of whites, I don't identify with the Chicano culture. But I see what people like my parents do, people who were born in Mexico, and know what it's like to live in poverty, and I wonder what mierda their brains are made of that they wouldn't try to help out with something so piddly as buying the stupid Chicletes the children at the border sell. Sure, you can't buy from all of them, but why refuse to let me buy the blanket, saying, “Oh, he'll come back and lower his price.” Well, he didn't come back, and I never got my blanket. And he never got the $32 I was more than willing to fork over; I was actually going to give him $40 (but don't tell my dad that—he'd mess his pants).

Too Many More Issues to Mention

DEAR POCHO: Loco, you're nothing but a Chicano. Chicanos are the only people on Earth who care about poor Mexicans. Mexicans in Mexico don't give a shit; Mexican immigrants in the United States not brainwashed by progressive do-gooders (SARCASM ALERT to said progressive do-gooders, who'll only laugh at jokes that involve Republicans getting ISIS'ed) talk nothing but shit about the paisas and nacos and chúntaros in their neighborhoods. So God bless you for caring about poor Mexicans, and a word to the wise: Stop being a Linus. The Paramount Swap Meet sells tiger blankets for cheaper than $32.

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DEAR MEXICAN: Does Mexico have a problem with illegal immigrants coming into their country for free health care and welfare?

San Miguel de Allende Asshole

DEAR GABACHO: No, because we're smarter than that—and look at how great our immigration policy has worked for us!

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  1. If you were born in America you are AMERICAN. My husband was of Hispanic descent (Mexican), but to be told that you are Mexican is BS. You are purely RED BLOODED AMERICAN!! Be proud of our country. You can respect your roots but you must integrate with all people why do you think people are so angry? If your family wants Mexico then they should go back to Mexico, they came here for a better life and that means leaving the past behind. Be a proud American!! Skin color means NOTHING.

  2. The latino illegal immigrants don’t see that they are being so played by our democrat party politicians. The democrat party knows that if the “illegal” immigrants see that the democrats are fighting so hard for them to come to usa freely then when we have to give amnesty ONCE AGAIN and ultimately give them welfare and voting rights, the imigrants will overwhelmingly vote for democrats and give them even more power while the poor in the usa become even more poor. It has nothing to do with politicians doing the right thing for the poor usa citizens. It has EVERYTHING to do with democrat politicians remaining in power. This is why the democrats are essentially ‘importing’ votes by fighting for the illegal immigrants. True to heart conservative politicians just want immigrants to come here LEGALLY so usa can know WHO is coming so we can have some element of safety and control how many per year come so as to protect our economy. USA economy can’t afford to eventually give EVERYONE welfare and will eventually collapse the economy. But when this eventually happens the democrat politicians will still remain rich and live behind walls and have armed guards themselves while everyone else is in poverty and can’t afford to protect themselves or family or not allowed to by law.

    1. Zash, dead on correct. To add to this. Whites in the USA have only majority voted for a Democratic President twice since WW2! 1964 and 1948 were the last two times that the majority White has voted for a Democratic president. So Republicans have been trying to win State and Federal Elections with the people that have been here for generations. Meanwhile the Democrats have had to import people from Mexico, Central America and the Middle East for a new voting group.
      That is why Kennedy and the Democrats set about the destruction of the USA in 1964 by passing the Hart-Cellar Act. It changed immigration from a quota system of 150-200k a year of mostly White European that voted Republican to non quota of Mexico, Central American that vote 85% Democratic. The Dems have basically called for the USA’s White population to Genocide because they are greedy for the power. Remember, Republicans use depend on the people that have been here for generations and Democrats have to third party their votes.

    2. Thank you so much for your comment I couldn’t have said it any better. All of us born in the USA are going to be so sorry if they give the democrats more power we ourselves will be up shits creek because of what they’re doing. Why doesn’t anyone ever mention how many of our people are poor, hungry, living in shacks with no heat, no hot water etc. the illegals get more help before we do if we get any at all then they( illegals that get a hand) still complain lay back and expect it forever. Everything is more expensive to live here if you can’t make it in your own country how do you expect to make it here I understand most of them don’t have any education , can’t read I guess you expect that too. Only the rich have it made the rest of us struggle just as hard as what you ran from. Go back, it’s easier for you in your own backyard

  3. The Us is a fucking waste I’m an American citizen and pay taxes. But then the stupid illegal Mexicans come over to the us and give birth to a baby and take all of our benefits. They our housing. Food stamps healthcare and mostly our jobs. They don’t use the money in this country they send it back to fucking Mexico so that there fucking families can come over and take over more of our benefits This world is disgusting. MEXICO HAS WELFARE STAY THERE AND USE IT QUIT TAKING OURS AND MAKING US POOR AND HOMELESS.YIU ARE SICK AND SHOULD BE CRUCIFIED FUCKEN STUPID BEANERS

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