Do You Have a Copy of This OC Weekly? We'll Give You $50 for It!

This Thursday, the OC Weekly will publish its 20th anniversary issue, a fantabulous collection of oral histories, essays, and general merriment. Part of the online package will be slideshows of every single cover this infernal rag has ever published–over 1,000! Amazingly, our archives (which look like the apartment of the Collyer Brothers) are virtually complete–we're only missing one issue of the entire run, an achievement more miraculous than remaining in business in these crazy times.

And that issue? Amazingly, not one involving legal action against us or one that Bob Dornan's spawn tried to collect every copy of and throw into a bonfire, but the one above.


You can read the entirety of the issue's contents here, and see it was nothing out of the ordinary–that is, just another day of DESMADRE. You have Nick going against killer cops, me obsessing over Chicano murals, and ¬°Ask a Mexican!, Commie Girl, and Diary of a Mad County. The cover story is an essay about Weekly contributor Cornel Bonca finding meaning on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 in Las Vegas. Great issue, but the last one any of us Weeklings would ever think we'd be missing.

So, gentle readers: any of you got a copy somewhere in your garage? Maybe you kept it because you got a mention in Commie Girl, or we published your Hey, You!, or we published your letter to the editor back in the day when we published letters to the editor? Well, if you have a complete, good-condition copy, the first person to contact us with the good will get $50 for it, and we'll throw in siccing Moxley on the corrupt politician of your choice. Can you help your favorite paper out? Email me at garellano at ocweekly dot com. The only person not eligible is Cornel Bonca, who I just realized in writing this post probably has a couple extra copies to spare…anyhoo, operators are standing by!

Finally, a quick fun fact: we have better archives of our earliest years than 2012-2014. Oh, for the days of in-office circulation managers…HA!

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