Do Si Dos Indica Hybrid: Our Toke of the Week!

Do Si Dos Indica Hybrid

I like to do my homework before I visit a dispensary so I know what I want before walking in. But sometimes the strain is
out of stock, which is how I found Do Si Dos, an indica hybrid that sometimes tests as high as 30 percent for THC. A quick
search showed me that this strain is a product of great parenting: Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG.

Do Si Dos is def one of the strongest indicas out there. The buds have a sweet, skunky aroma; there are plenty of tiny,
orange hairs; and it burns smooth. With a flower this nice and compact, I like to carefully tear apart the bud to save all
those little crystals and hairs. The tokes are gentle, and the flavor is Old School Dank.

Do Si Dos is perfect for a quiet night at home with a few friends to debate such thought-provoking questions as Del Taco or
Taco Bell? Pizza Hut or Little Caesars? Or, my favorite: Godfather or Godfather II?

The kick-ass flower will literally knock you out. The more you smoke, the less you’ll be able to move, so I’d recommend using
the restroom beforehand. On the medical side it’s great for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and helping with chemotherapy treatments. I’m a cancer survivor, and if Do Si Dos had been around five years ago it would be one of my go-to’s!


Available at ShowGrow, 1625 E St. Gertrude Pl., Santa Ana, CA 92705. (949)565-4769. $35 1/8.


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