DJ Dave Seaman

Throughout the ever-changing electronic music scene, prolific music phenom Dave Seaman has been plotting the course of his own career since his days at the helm of the premier dance culture magazine Mixmag in the early 1990s. One look at the man's discography and you'd see numerous remixes and his own mixes included in several Mixmag and Renaissance Masters' series of global compilations, proving that his following extends to the farthest corners of the world wherever people party. Now as the founder of Audio Therapy records and a successful touring DJ, Seaman's out to continue the work of celebrating modern electronic dance music with his brand of progressive house music with the full knowledge that the only way to grow as an artist is to evolve with the new. Groove with the world-renowned Seaman at his set tonight at La Cave.

Wed., Aug. 19, 10 p.m., 2015

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