Dividing The Dose With Korova’s Black Bar Brownie

Unrivaled potency! (courtesy of Korova)

When Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas published in 1954, it contained a recipe created by their close friend and artist Brion Gysin for “hashish fudge,” and thus the modern era of marijuana edibles was born. I used them extensively during my treatment for colorectal cancer in 2012, along with plenty of Vicodin to help with the 18 rounds of chemotherapy I needed to destroy the tumor that had invaded my body. Recently, I’ve stayed away from edibles, as the potency has been greater than my tolerance and being high for eight hours is not my idea of fun. Now that marijuana has been legalized for adult-use in California, the state has limited the THC level in edibles to 10 milligrams per dose.

To my surprise, finding a brownie with THC wasn’t so easy. I searched the menus for just about every legit dispensary in Santa Ana and finally found one at OC3 Dispensary. The Black Bar Brownie by Korova used to have 1,000 milligrams of THC and was marketed as having “Unrivaled Potency,” though that changed with the new dosage restrictions. Founded in 2011 by Joe Gerlach, Korova produced high-dose THC products for cancer patients and persons with other medical needs. At OC3, I was able to purchase a Black Bar Brownie made before Jan. 1, so it still contained 1,000 milligrams of THC. I divided my brownie into 10 pieces, then cut those in half, resulting in 50-milligram bites. I nibbled, and 30 minutes later, I felt the initial warmth of a buzz. Another half an hour, and the high sustained itself so I left it at that. The micro-dose would be perfect for a concert or movie.

$15 OC 3: 3122 Halladay Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705

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