Disneyland's Tahitian Terrace Coming Back? Sort Of.

There's some news that one of the plans included for the renovation of the Disneyland Hotel is a possible resurrection of the Tahitian Terrace, which, for those who remember, was a dinner-theater type attraction in Adventureland that featured hula girls and Polynesian food. It was replaced by Aladdin's Oasis in 1993, and then sadly became nothing.

Actually, from the press release, it sounds as if they will just rekindle the architecture and atmosphere of the defunct and beloved (if kitschy) attraction of yesteryear. Meaning: Don't hold your breath for the hula dancers.

Here's the tidbit about the Tahitian Terrace from the press release:

“New dining and lounge experiences will be introduced in the current location of Hook's Pointe, Croc's Bits 'n' Bites, the Wine Cellar and Lost Bar. A new “smart casual” dining area will take its architectural cue from the original Tahitian Terrace restaurant in Disneyland Park and the Polynesian architecture that was popularized during the early era of the hotel. A new, fully enclosed bar will feature specialty drinks and surprises for guests.”

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