Discussing Santa Ana VietBan in Broken English

The Santa Ana City Council voted unanimously Tuesday for a resolution that discourages official visits to Orange County's seat from communist Vietnam. They were supported by residents of Little Saigon and the surrounding Orange County Vietnamese community, but Register commenters greeted the news pretty tamely, other than the rote contrast with the way Mexicians entered this country. Deeper into the bowels of the Internet proved more fruitful for commentary.

Arguably the most entertaining feedback is at Topix.com, which includes these broken English gems in regards to the Santa Ana council action:

– didnt da bac ky ha noi ho chi minh family THREW usa out of vietnam on
april 30th 1975…they even put nguy in reeducation commie camp for
20years…now they yearnin to come to usa…for what??????? let them come over if they do da commie ho chi minh dance on april 30th
(Offfff to China Again, Chicago, Ill.)

– they are 2 faces might be you are once of them,,in the end they are a PANDER,,Your daddy not an AMERICAN WHY DO YOU COME AND LIVE THERE,,.? Every once can come to LIVE america,,KOREAN,,JAPAN,,CHINA, ,LAOS,, CAMBODIA,PHILIPPINE,,But them people came as a business,, viet boat people are a refugee,,came to be a slaved for white America.. did you known THAM THUY HANG,,her bum on Thieu face, her lips on hochiminh ears. (Beauty of Moon Light, London, UK)

In response to that: yeh even nguyen tan dung daughter married da nguy
whahahhahahahhahahahhaha (da bac ky big mout, Chicago, Ill.)

In response to that: …What makes you think that guy is a …nguy???? Even HochiMinh, a long time over-sea Viet was a leader of Communist Vietnam. BTW, how was your Nursing Home life, Buddy? Are there stil hot nurses there?..Oh man, Government hand out, bath assisted,j ..erking off assisted, cloth change assisted, even toilet routine asisted…What else did make you piss-off? Wahahahaha! (SpongeBob, Concord, Canada)

– yeh you bac ky claimin you are soooooo rich yet got megga mout…you do remember nguyen van thieu FAMOUS QUOTE YEHHHHHHHHHHH?
IN DA END…where ever da bac ky go da people dislike them even in usa (da bac ky big mout, Chicago, Ill.)

It's wonderful to now know where everyone stands on the issue, or sits based on the colorful images of one's bum on Thieu's face and one's lips on Ho Chi Minh's ears.

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