Discovery of Marijuana Extraction Lab Leads to 7 Arrests and a Dog Rescue

A “suspicious activity” investigation at a Tustin apartment Sunday night resulted in seven arrests, a dog’s rescue and the discovery of an illegal  marijuana extraction lab, according to police.

Cops got the call just after 10 that night to check out the apartment in the 13800 block of Parkcenter Lane, according to Tustin Police Lt. Robert Wright, who adds the responders arrived to detect “activities associated with illegal drug extraction labs.”

Cannabis concentrates such as cannabis oil, budder, wax or shatter (which are significantly more potent than hashish or cannabis flowers) are created through the extraction of cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, according to CannLabs, which adds because cannabinoids are not water soluble, they must be extracted through the use of chemicals.

“Extraction labs are extremely flammable, volatile and dangerous,” Wright says.

That is why his officers immediately evacuated 18 surrounding apartments and brought Orange County Fire Authority personnel to assist, he says.

“After it was determined there was no immediate danger, the evacuated residents were allowed to return to their homes,” Wright said. “One dog was located inside the suspect apartment and was removed by Orange County Animal Control.”

Six men and a woman were arrested for various violations, including suspicion of manufacturing an illegal drug extraction lab and animal endangerment. No officer, other human or animal was injured in the police response, Wright adds.

The suspects were identified as: Tustin residents Thomas Morgan, 30;  Kyle Kramer, 26; and Adrianna Kruk, 25; and Zachary Hawkins, 24, of Odenton, Florida; Steven Dinger, 26, of Rotonda West, FL; Christopher Origlio, 25, of Crofton, Maryland; and Robert Chappell, 33, of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

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