Disco Freaks

Can't say there are too many disco tribute bands out there, but Disco Freaks pretty much covers that era with their giant afro wigs and disco balls lighting up performances of classic boogie tunes from The Bee Gees to the Village People. Even if you're not a Baby Boomer, it's easy to get in on the fun this band has in store. All attendees are encouraged to dress in their best '70s-era garb to maximize the disco atmosphere, and honestly who wouldn't get a kick out of dressing up in costume every once in a while? With a horn section, backup singers and keyboards rounding out the band's lineup, the “Freaks” in their name is really fitting. Catch them at their super-freakiest tonight at Don The Beachcomber.

Fri., June 7, 8 p.m., 2013

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