Dirty Bird Camp Out Offers A Fun Way to Rough It

What if EDM festivals were a lot more like summer camp?

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, West Coast house label Dirtybird has teamed up with the DoLaB crew to throw a collaborative three-day festival at Oak Canyon Park. But unlike the typical music festival, the Dirtybird Campout aims to replicate the traditional overnight camp. Instead of obeying a curfew or counselors enforcing strict rules, however, beats will be bumpin' far past 2 a.m., and many of the DJs performing will also be leaders overseeing camp activities–including Barclay Crenshaw, a.k.a. Claude VonStroke, chief of the Dirtybird tribe.

“I'm overseeing the talent show,” Crenshaw says. “I have an outfit and everything; I look like a mix between a park ranger and Paul Bunyan.”


Expanding off the success of the label's grassroots Dirtybird BBQ, those involved with the Campout have gotten their hands dirty to make this festival nothing short of stellar. “We're putting a lot of work into the theme so . . . you actually think you're 11 years old and at camp again,” Crenshaw says. “It's a much bigger project than the BBQ. . . . The Campout is, like, a huge deal.”

In addition to the old-school activities, there's an impressive roster of performers: With DJs ranging from Justin Martin to Lee Foss and Nosaj Thing to Lunice, the lineup offers electronic diversity. If drowning in house beats for three days straight isn't your thing, there will be an after-hours stage dedicated to psychedelic hip-hop on Saturday night.

The family-like vibe of Dirtybird also adds a quirkiness to the proceedings. “[Many of the performers] will be walking around and hanging out in the regular areas,” Crenshaw says. “A lot of people are on Dirtybird Records, and they all know one another. We're even getting tents and camping together.”

While excited to be camping with his Dirtybird homies, Crenshaw includes among his camping essentials an extra roll of toilet paper and Band-Aids, emphasizing how important it is to not underestimate camping at Oak Canyon Park, especially after Woogie Weekend turned into a mudslide last July. “There won't be a 7-Eleven around,” he says. “Don't just come in your sneakers and T-shirt and expect to be taken care of!”

But even if torrential rains pour down on the Campout, the party will persist. “I'm hoping this is going to be the best party that [Dirtybird's] ever done,” Crenshaw says. “I have a good feeling it's going to be.”

Dirtybird Campout, featuring Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Lee Foss, Daniel Bell, J.Phlip and more, at Oak Canyon Park, 5305 Santiago Canyon Rd., Silverado; dirtybirdcampout.com. Oct. 2-4. See website for schedule. Three-day pass, $145; more packages available online. 21+.

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