Director's Own Words: Clive Neeson of “Last Paradise”

“I'm told what sets this film apart is being able
to tell the whole story with crisp original footage. That was because I began
filming it in the '60s as a kid, when the world was a very different place. I
conceived the script then and focused my filming on things that I sensed would
change and people who would effect that change. So we have been able to take
the audience on a 45-year journey with a feeling of being part of it with the
original characters, who range from rebel surfers to world renowned physicists.”

Clive Nesson, director of Last Paradise, which mixes fresh sequences with archival
footage of Australia and New Zealand pioneers in surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, Bungee jumping,
hang gliding and other extreme sports. (Nesson talks about camping in the Outback for one shot here.)

Last Paradise plays at 3:15 p.m. today at Edwards Island Cinemas at Fashion Island. Go here
for ticket info.

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