Dino Cardelli, Former Calvary Chapel Pastor in Arcata, Convicted of Molesting Stepdaughters

Last week, a judge in Humbolt County sentenced Dino Cardelli to the maximum sentence allowed–18 years–for molesting his two stepdaughters. This story is about as disgusting as you can get–Cardelli tried to convince one daughter that his rapes were biblically justified, and his wife committed suicide out of shame for what Cardelli did–and the best account out there is in the Eureka Times-Standard.

But what matters for us naranjeros is that Cardelli was part of the brotherhood that is Calvary Chapel's senior pastors.

Cardelli was a graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College, and Chuck Smith must've seen something in the pervert, because he allowed Cardelli to start Calvary Chapel Arcata in 1995, even though he had just recently graduated. Sources tell the Weekly Cardelli was a regular at the annual Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor's Conference, where Smith checks in with the people trusted to carry His word.

Calvary Chapel Arcata has scrubbed all references to Cardelli from his website, but you can still hear his sermons over at this Calvary Chapel South Maui-run website. To quote the late, great Wally George: SICK SICK SICK!

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