Ding Dong! DoorDash Delivers Local OC Dishes to Your Doorstep

Lyft and Uber make it easy for people to connect with drivers. DoorDash makes it easy for people to connect with someone who'll deliver local dishes to your doorstep.

DoorDash, a Palo-Alto-conceived startup offering food delivery services for local and chain restaurants, is now transporting burgers, sushi, tacos, and other things to the hungry bellies of Orange County–officializing its entry into a food delivery war with Postmates and Foodbur. After success in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco, DoorDash chose Orange County as its sixth market, launching officially on February 16th. “At our LA office, we kept getting customer requests to deliver in Orange County,” says Ryan Broderick, DoorDash's Head of Launch. “This market is going to be huge. The restaurant scene here is fantastic.”


A number of restaurants in Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Newport Coast (*cough* Mick's Karma Bar *cough* Sushi Imari) are partnering with DoorDash to offer food delivery for the first time. The reason? Ryan says many of them don't want to manage drivers themselves and/or deal with high insurance costs.

The process is simple: download the DoorDash app, choose a restaurant, create a profile, place your order, and voila! The restaurant will receive an alert, confirm your order, and a dasher (DoorDash lingo for a delivery person) will pick it up and deliver it to you (and you get to stay in your pajamas the whole time–you win!) If you're curious about how your order's doing, you can use the app to monitor the process from delivery to pick up ala Uber. The app helps dashers as well, as they can track preparation time to make sure they don't show up too early or late.

Also, OC Weekly readers, you get a special treat today: use the Promo code DDOCWEEKLY and receive $5 off your delivery service. And if it's your first time, note that every first DoorDash delivery is 100% free, so you can save your Promo code for another time. HELL YA!!!

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