Dilated Peoples' Rakaa Headlines 'Generations' Festival

Rakaa and DJ Babu, two-thirds of the critically acclaimed hip-hop group Dilated Peoples, will top off a daylong, free, all ages event with a headlining performance this Saturday in Fullerton. Their participation is a centerpiece of the second installment of the Generations Urban Arts Festival. The family-friendly event sponsored by Fullerton Parks and Recreation is powered by a mission statement that declares its aim as celebrating “hip-hop culture as a positive force in the community that transcends generations through a passion for dance, music, and art.”


The schedule for the 2011 edition of Generations holds faithfully to those words as art, dance workshops, b-boy exhibitions, DJ sets, and live musical performances are set to take place from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Independence Park Gymnasium in Fullerton. Easy Roc of the legendary Rock Steady Crew is slated as one of three presenters on the history and progression of urban dance. DJ Soluz, profiled in the Weekly back in 2003, will be turning in one of five half-hour DJ sets throughout the day. And if you find yourself hungry for some grub during Generations, have no worries, food provided by Rapper's Delight has got you covered.

The urban arts festival paying homage to the five essential elements of hip-hop is geared toward local youth and students, who will partake in the scheduled activities on and off the stage. In OC, where the hustlers of the culture don't always get the recognition they deserve, it's good to see Generations holding it down while bringing up the next generation. Plus, did I mention Rakaa of Dilated Peoples is performing with DJ Babu? And for free!

Generations Urban Arts Festival, Sat., Apr 9, at the Independence Park Gymnasium, 801 W. Valencia Dr., Fullerton; 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. Free. All ages

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