Did Prayer Close a Newport Beach Abortion Clinic?

It’s often said that Southern California residents are apathetic in comparison to other areas of the nation, but for years, you could drive by a building not far from the gates of John Wayne Airport and see a large group of adults on the sidewalk holding signs and hands while praying.

The target of their heavenly calls? The offices of Family Planning Associates, an abortion provider created by Dr. Edward Allred, who several years ago sold the business to another doctor.
Weekly readers may recall my 1998 revelations about Allred: Considered the most prolific abortion doctor in the nation, he simultaneously funded the campaigns of a long list of supposedly pro-life Republican politicians in Orange County.


Those who publicly claimed they were anti-abortion but accepted Allred’s money included Scott Baugh, Curt Pringle, John Lewis and Ross Johnson.
Indeed, Baugh told me at the time, he liked Allred, who is a
undoubtedly a character, and frequented the abortion doctor’s prized asset, Los Alamitos Race Course, as his guest.

Well, no thanks to OC’s pro-life politicians, this abortion facility has closed, according to several pro-life news outlets.

Operation Rescue officials hailed the closing as evidence pro-life forces “are winning our cause” and claim that seven other abortion clinics across the nation closed this month.

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