Did Obama Slyly Make a Dick Joke in Mexico? President Says He Regret Not Trying Chorizo, Mexicans Howl in Laughter

Okay, so I'm about a week late to this, but so is seemingly the entirety of the English-language media. Recently, President Barack Obama was in the Mexican city of Toluca to visit his Canadian and Mexican counterparts for NAFTA fun. While there, Obama told the press that, “We are all here on business which means I'm not here for as long as I'd like to. I have not, for example, sampled some of Toluca's legendary chorizo. Hopefully next time I stop by I'll be able to have some of that.”

The Mexican press laughed at the comment, but not for the reason that Obama thinks. Because while Toluca is famous for its green chorizo, it's also Mexican Spanish slang for “penis”–and Obama walked into that albur (double entendre), you know?

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This is easily Obama's “Ich bin ein Berliner” moment (if you believe the urban legend, that is), and the Mexican press and social media had a field day tittering about Obama's gaffe. Then again, others maintained Obama knew exactly what he was talking about. A columnist for the Mexican newspaper Milenio wrote , “Maybe he knows about the fine art of alburear more that he lets on, and demonstrated a surprising knowledge of Mexican culture, acquired in some visit to [Chicago's] Little Village or Pilsen.

“Obama,” the columnist concluded, “gave us a phrase that won't be forgotten for a while. If he did it on purpose or fell victim to a formal slip of communication in another language, only he knows.”

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