Did Newport Beach Sperm Attack Inspire New Mexico Case?

You may recall Michael Kevin Lallana, the 31-year-old Newport Beach financial-services employee who was arrested last year for secretly spiking a female co-worker's water bottle with his sperm.

Orange County prosecutors charged Lallana with six misdemeanor counts including assault and battery, and the Fullerton resident is scheduled to face a jury trial on Feb. 16 after pleading not guilty, according to Orange County Superior Court records.
Now, TheSmokingGun.com is reporting that laboratory tests have confirmed that a yogurt sample given by a New Mexico grocery-store clerk to a female shopper contained the clerk's semen.


​According to the story, a “pushy” Anthony Garcia–the 31-year-old dairy-department clerk–insisted the 28-year-old shopper taste the “Greek” yogurt on Jan. 25. She did so and became enraged, saying it tasted “gross and disgusting” and like sperm.
The woman immediately spit the yogurt onto the floor and complained.
Albuquerque police, who reportedly have Garcia in custody for unrelated counts involving alleged sexual affairs with a minor, are contemplating new charges pertaining to the yogurt incident.
You can read the full story HERE.
R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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