Did a Corrupt Cop Kill Notorious B.I.G.? (and Four Other Rock Star Conspiracy Theories)

Conspiracy theories regarding Notorious B.I.G.'s death have been floating around ever since the 1997 shooting of Christopher Wallace. But now that the Freedom of Information Act gives us access to his FBI files (read them here), the internetz is buzzing with previously unknown details–such as ballistics evidence that
further link former LAPD officer David Mack to the murder. Obviously, this is all old news to Biggie die-hards, but for conspiracy enthusiasts everywhere, chalk it up to another surreptitious plot swirling around fame and fortune. After the list, a few of the wildest conspiracy theories involving John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix and more.

4. Did Stephen King Kill John Lennon?

A few months ago, Vickie Chang posted this about one of the greatest musical stars of all time, John Lennon: Steve Lightfoot is a man who still stands outside of the Dakota (Lennon's former home and location of his murder) with his van plastered with the URL of his web site, LennonMurderTruth.com. In his pamphlet Stephen King Killed John Lennon, he describes a scenario where the story of Mark David Chapman is a ruse (“… armed,
a pawn, waiting to be moved into a hostile square … by the giant
hand of Ronald Reagan …”) and “government codes” in headlines printed in Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report around the time of Lennon's death revealed his real murderers. As the introduction to his site reads:

“… John Lennon
was, not only politically assassinated, but that Richard Nixon, Ronald
and, you'd better sit down, horror novelist Stephen King are the
three people who can be proven guilty of the crime. King being the real
murderer and Chapman but a look-alike paid actor misleading you with an
absolute hoax, the media in tow.”

Okay, so the Nixon/Reagan connection isn't too far of a stretch–Lennon's political activism, etc.–but what's this dude got against horror novelist/weirdo Stephen King?

Stephen King writes all about it beginning with Salem's Lot, five years before the crime, where he writes about shooting a man in the shoulder blades, stalking a politician with a gun in The Dead Zone, Johnny being the main character. He even writes about “… the fellow who killed John Lennon” in, I believe, three books. He practically confesses in his 1983 Playboy interview. He has even admitted to me, in his own handwriting, that I “… haven't got the whole story yet …” and in a subsequent letter, signed Stephen King, he throws in a veiled bribe if I'd quit exposing this.

For even more crazy, just read the rest of Lightfoot's introduction here.

3. Did Members of the 27 Club Sign Demonic Contracts for Fame, Fortune, and Skill?

The 27 Club–famously known as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin–all died at age 27. One web site says Satanists claim these musicians had all signed a contract with the devil for fame and fortune in rock.

Lisa said that these rocks stars are teaching untold millions of youth to worship and serve Satan knowingly and unknowingly. She had attended special ceremonies at various recording studios throughout the U.S. for the specific purpose of placing satanic “blessings” on the rock music recorded. She and others did incantations (satanic “prayers” or curses), which placed demons on every record and tape of rock music sold. At times they also called up special demons who spoke on the recordings–especially in the various back-masked messages. Also, in many of the recordings, the Satanists themselves were recorded in the background (masked by the overall noise of the music) doing chants and incantations to summon up more demons every time one of the records or tapes or videos is played by the purchaser. As the music is played, these demons are called into the room to afflict the person playing the music and anyone else who is listening.


2. Did Michael Jackson a) Fake His Own Death or b) Die by the Hand of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Some of the wildest conspiracy theories say that Michael Jackson faked his own death to escape money worries and hang out with Elvis. After all, he had $400 million of debt while alive, versus the sales boost of his songs after his “death.”

There's also the theory that MJ was killed to foil media attempts to cover what was happening in Iran. After all, “Michael Jackson RIP” replaced “#iranelection” at the top of Twitter's trending topics at the time, which effectively killed off a burgeoning revolution via the Internet. Aha!

1. Did the Illuminati Kill Tupac?
Sure, Biggie was a suspect in the Tupac murder, but there's more material on the Internet that pins his death to the Illuminati. And what kind of conspiracy theory list would this be without the Illuminati? The Illuminati is a secret society that has been around since 1776 . The society wanted to create a one-world government, a “New World Order,” with the members themselves in charge. Tupac's album The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory  was supposed to have warned people against this all-powerful group, and he refered to the Illuminati (as in, Kill + Illuminati).

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